Larry Ottewell
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Defending Albertan interests, at a national level.

“Larry Ottewell is an extraordinary candidate...His knowledge of the Alberta economy and the issues facing it is needed in Ottawa...A Strong Alberta Voice.”

-David Swann Former MLA Calgary Mountain View


Why I am running

I am running for the Liberal Party of Canada’s seat in the Calgary Confederation riding. Alberta’s economy is at a tipping point, and I believe that the actions of our politicians today will pave the outlook for Alberta’s future. Our province is the driving force of Canada’s economy, and the Liberal Party of Canada needs a strong Alberta voice--one that will stand up for the many challenges facing all Albertans. Alberta’s economy can’t wait another election cycle to have effective representation in Ottawa. As your MP for Calgary Confederation I will ensure Albertan interests are properly represented within the governing Liberal Party of Canada.

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The greatest threat to the Alberta Economy is the need for new pipelines. Market Access must be the primary focus of our federal government and I will bring my experience working on LNG (liquefied natural gas) market access to Ottawa to ensure Alberta’s economic growth and sustainability—not only for Alberta but for all of Canada. I also believe that an energy east pipeline project should be renewed, along with a national petrochemical strategy/program to maximize the value of our resources. A petrochemical clustering opportunity exists in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and I want to bring this project forward.



Million tons of GreenHouse Gas emissions reduced by 2020

It is estimated that the carbon tax will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 60 million tons by 2020. We all have a responsibility to the environment and carbon pricing is incentive to those who release the most emissions to find cleaner alternatives resulting in a healthier future.




Jobs created in the development of the pipeline

Canada is renowned worldwide for its excellence and innovation in the oil and gas industry and we need to keep investing in this growth. Pipeline development is necessary and imperative and I will push to make sure Alberta's interests in it are recognized and acted on. The development of the pipeline will drive Canada’s economy and will see thousands of jobs created for Canadians.




Million dollars Spent without divulging where

A former federal governor general has spent 1.1 million dollars since their retirement without divulging the reasoning for that spending. The government needs to be held accountable for the expenditure of Canadian tax dollars and appropriate policies need to be in place to ensure that government spending is clear cut and transparent.



What I Want to Accomplish

Pipelines Are Our Future

With over eight years of economic development policy experience, I am the Liberal candidate that can ensure Alberta's interests in pipeline expansion are recognized, and Alberta’s economic interests are effectively represented in Ottawa.

Oil & Gas


I bring extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, working with and representing the upstream oil & gas services and the technology sector of the Alberta Economy. My work experience has prepared me to be a candidate that can provide expert advice to the Liberal Party of Canada. I will take action to ensure Alberta's economic interests are put front and centre in Ottawa.

Government Accountability

Responsible government needs to include accountability. Government spending needs to be kept in check and policies need to be written to ensure our taxpayer dollars are being spent appropriately and efficiently. In my 8 years working for the Alberta Government I understand how government works and where it can become more efficient and accountable.

Community Engagement

I believe it's the duty of MP’s to be engaged with their community. I am committed to regularly attending community association meetings and events when I am not working in Parliament. I will work for you, and I won’t forget that I do.

Climate Change

The Liberal Government is introducing the first major legislation to combat climate change. Putting a price on carbon has had proven success in other countries; we need to use those success stories as models for Canada while ensuring our economic needs are met.

Bill C-69

Bill C-69 needs work. I want to increase certainty around review timelines, ensure science-based decisions and make clear to all stakeholders that participation does not mean decision making-roles. I have made my recommendations to the federal Minister of Natural Resources on how to improve Bill C-69. These changes help Alberta and Canada to move major nation building projects like the TMX pipeline project forward.

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“The message I will bring to Ottawa and the Liberal Party of Canada—Alberta has been the major driver of Canada’s economy but times have changed. Between 2014 and 2016, 25% of Alberta’s oil and gas workforce became unemployed. Calgary’s unemployment rate in 2014 was 4.7%. Calgary’s current unemployment rate is over 8% and battles St John’s Newfoundland for the highest unemployment level for a major city in Canada. I have worked in economic development for 8 years and I want to use my experience to achieve real results for Calgary and all of Alberta.”

Calgary Confederation deserves a strong and an effective voice in government.

- Larry Ottewell
Seeking the Liberal Nomination Calgary Confederation.